Los Rios River Runners Rafting




Departure times vary on the tour so check when you book!

Season March to November


Adults: Tours from $54

Children: Tours from $34 (Under5s) and $44 (Under 12s)

About Los Rios River Runners Rafting

New Mexico’s oldest and largest rafting company is Los Rios River Runners. With over 40 years of experience, it is the most experienced river rafting company in New Mexico, so you want to experience the best in whitewater rafting, this is the place to choose.
Los Rios River Runners provides a great variety of whitewater rafting trips, ranging from river rafting float trips to challenging whitewater rafting! There are many options to choose from for all abilities. You can choose from full-day, half-day and overnight rafting trips in the amazing river canyons of Northern New Mexico, including the world-famous Taos-Box!

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